Behind Lána is a team of people who have spent the last seven years together working in the sustainable fashion industry.

Together, we've produced Australia's largest sustainable fashion runway showpublished a bi-annual magazine and acted as international spokespeople for the industry.

Fashion ethics and sustainability are at our core. It’s what we know.

Access over ownership

Why buy when you can rent?

It’s affordable, allows for variety and it’s sustainable.

Renting clothing makes use of what’s already out there. Saving on the huge environmental costs associated with producing something new.

It also reduces the amount of clothing and textiles heading to landfill.

6000kg of clothing and textiles ends up in Australian landfills every 10 minutes.

It’s time to ask the question: If I’m only going to wear it once or it’s only going to fit for a couple of months… do I really need to own it?

Lána is about slowing down consumption and disrupting fast fashion. That’s why all of label pieces are available for purchase and rent.

It’s all good, baby.


Our end-of-roll fabrics

We’re located in Brisbane and source our fabrics from The Fabric Store. They stock designer ends & sampling length fabrics that have been sourced locally and internationally directly from high-end fashion labels. Over the years the Fabric Store has formed relationships with the best designer suppliers which means amazing and unique stock for us without the waste and ethical implications of manufacture. Our first designs have been made using silk from the Fabric Store. The silks are manufactured in South East Asia and Italy.

Why silk?

We have used silk because it is a beautiful, breathable natural fibre.

Synthetic silk alternatives shed plastic microfibers that pollute our oceans and end up inside living water creatures. These micro-fibres are potentially more cruel and certainly more dangerous than natural silks.

PETA argues that silk is cruel because the silkworm cocoons are baked before they’re unravelled to process the fibre. That’s a fair point. We’ve acknowledged this and are now looking to better natural fibre alternatives.

We are currently working to establish a relationship with a peace silk manufacturer. Peace silk also known as ahimsa silk is made in India from the cocoon of the eri silk moth. The worm naturally emerges from the cocoon before it is processed. We’re working to make sure that no worms will be harmed to make our garments in the future. We <3 worms!

Who made my clothes?

Our designer Juju, made your garment in Brisbane, Australia. We will always pay our garment workers a fair wage. It’s a non-negotiable. As we receive more orders and our production team grows, we’ll update this page so you know who has joined the production team.


We buy and produce quality garments that last generations, not months. By investing in quality fabrics and finishes, we’re ensuring our clothes can be loved, repaired and passed on. Keeping clothes in loop instead of landfill.

Renting not only makes high quality clothes affordable, it also provides an alternative to fast fashion. When you choose to rent high quality garments, you’re helping to shift the demand away from cheap, low quality clothing. Ultimately, you're saving the planet. That's pretty epic.