Sustainability. Ethics. Equality. Diversity. Respect. Sharing.

If you want in, send us a one-minute video explaining what you can bring to the table. We don't have specific roles to fill - we want you to tell us what you think we need and how you can help us achieve it.

If video isn't your thing, you can email us at Bear in mind we get a lot emails, so we may take a little while to get back to you. Everyone is welcome to apply, we don't judge on anything except your ability to contribute meaningfully to the Lána team, work hard and love your job. 


We are a group of conscious humans, hustling to create a more sustainable fashion industry. We currently have team members based in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne (but when we’re looking for a new team member, the right person can virtually work anywhere in the world).

We are here to save the planet. We take it seriously. Our platform, our office, our events. We promise to consider our impact every step of the way.
We have a transparent team structure - it helps to maintain our integrity. We’re always honest with ourselves and our community.
Lána offers equal opportunities for all walks of life. Furthermore, we stand up for equality, and call out inequality when we see it. We use our voice for those who do not have one.
Race, gender, sexuality, age, disability. We do not discriminate and will create an inclusive environment online and in the office.
At Lána we respect our team members, our customers and our planet. We hope that in doing so our community will respect us back. We listen to our people and our planet to produce the best quality work that creates meaningful impact.