our values


We have spent a decade working towards making fashion sustainable. Our approach to design, fabrics and retail are anchored by our commitment to sustainability. We design pieces that are based on function rather than trends. We use natural fibres to ensure we don’t contribute to the micro plastics in our oceans. And we offer our garments for rent, to create a shared economy for our collections.


We understand that our customers are diverse and we aim to reflect that in our marketing. When we cast for our campaigns, we are committed to ensuring that there is representation of people from all walks of life. While there are limitations to work within; number of models we can work with for each campaign and our budget, we are committed to diversity at every opportunity.


Our pieces are manufactured ethically in Australia. We are a small team and we produce small runs, so it makes sense to keep it local. Our decision to create small runs is to reduce waste and cater to demand, this means there may be a short wait on the delivery of your new purchase. We appreciate your patience as we carefully sew together your purchase.

Versatile design is at the heart of our collections. We believe that mainstream fashion should be inclusive to clothing that women can wear while pregnant and breastfeeding. Our designs are designed so that each piece will fit, even when your body changes shape. This is a decision we made to ensure longevity in our pieces and support women at every stage of life.