Photographer Spotlight: Rafael Oliveira

Rafael Oliveira, typically known as ‘Rafa’, is one of Brisbane’s top emerging photographers. Born in Brazil, Rafa is now based in Brisbane, specialising in lifestyle, editorial and advertising photography. He’s also one of Lána’s top wardrobe photographers. Commended by Capture Magazine, Rafa has been recently featured at RAW Brisbane FIXATE showcase exhibition.

After years of excelling in his passion, he’s learnt a lot about the industry and has some great advice for when you are in front of the camera. We asked him to share some of his wisdom with us, and he gave us two of his top tips for getting camera ready.

Be on time and come prepared.

When heading to a shoot, being late is a no-go — he says that staying updated with the shoot sessions is super important. No one likes a stressed photographer! Sometimes shoots can take quite a while, and whether you’re under the sun or 1000 watts of light in a studio, staying hydrated will keep your body going throughout the day. Also, Rafa says that he loves when his models have done a little bit of research prior to the shoot, and they bring something unexpected and brilliant to the table.

Chill out and be attentive.

Rafa is well aware that nerves can hit anyone on set. His number one tip that he often tells his models, is to try not to let the pressure kill your good vibes. Always try to stay open and communicate; it’s always helpful to listen to your photographer. Rafa often tries to break the ice by jumping in front of the camera, pretending to be the model and showing how he imagines the poses. A few good laughs usually makes the shoot more comfortable, which Rafa says is when it is easiest to extract the best of that person in a shoot.

There are many aspects of photography that Rafa is passionate about. The fact that with a camera, you can capture a fleeting moment, or a memory and make it last forever is magical. He says that when the light is perfect and the mood is right, it takes his breath away. No matter how important a shoot is, Rafa believes that the experience of a photoshoot should always be delightful and fun! That’s why he doesn’t usually have many rules on set. He likes to keep is photoshoots flexible to adjust to each person’s style. Why have rules if you constantly have to break them?

To see more of Rafa’s work, visit his website or Instagram.

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