Photographer Spotlight: Joel Devereux

Joel Devereux has always been a creative. He enjoyed painting and drawing until he later found his real passion of photography. Brisbane is currently Joel’s photography playground, where he specialises in creative and burlesque shoots.

Joel’s artwork has received many nominations and awards, including; winner of Del Arté Charts— Costume Design for 2015 and winner of Brisbane Pride Festival — Artist of the Year for 2015, 2016 and 2017.

On the DL, he’s photographed several famous personalities such as Paris Hilton, Mel B and The Veronicas! #brisvegas

We asked Joel a few questions about his career and to share some advice for our readers who want to jump in front of the camera.

Lána: What advice would you give to models to prepare for a photoshoot?

Joel: I work with quite a few first time models so I always try to ease them into it by telling them to pose as if they were taking an Instagram selfie. It’s great when models have done their research too, but there’s no substitute for experience.

L: Nerves can hit anyone on set, what tips do you give people to feel more comfortable in front of the camera?

J: I try to limit the amount of people on set as I myself get incredibly distracted and nervous if it’s anymore than just me and the models. Of course, this isn’t the case for all instances, but once again I feel it comes down to experience in feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Get in front of the camera as much as you can and share your work!

L: Do you have any golden rules as a photographer?

J: My golden rule is to avoid weddings. I always find it really strange when people see my portfolio of burlesque dancers, creative shoots and gentlemen in various states of undress, and then approach me to shoot a wedding, baby shower, or other family-orientated event. I have so many wonderful photographer friends who do such a great job at that style of photography so I’m always quick to make recommendations.

L: What is it about photography that gets you excited?

J: The thing that excites me most about photography is meeting new, interesting people. I am very fortunate to be in a self-directed career where I come into contact with hundreds of new people each week through my club work, as well as great performers, models or everyday people with my portrait work. I just love capturing hardworking people who are passionate about something.

L: If you could tell your future subjects one thing to make your job easier as a photographer, what would it be?

J: I get a lot of models telling me they get nervous before a shoot but really there’s no need for it. I’m very conversational in my approach to my creative pursuits, so I’d like to think of my shoots being more of a chat with a friend and we will take a few photos rather than a big scary “photo shoot”. Relax!

To see more of Joel’s work, visit his website or @devereuxxo on Instagram.

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