Melbourne's Funkiest Co-working Spaces

The Hub

The Hub is a beautiful co-working space on the corner of Spencer Street and Bourke. It is the largest co-working space in Melbourne and it is impressive, to say the least. The space is light, filled with lush greenery spread around the professional work space. People from all walks of life and industries gather here to work, you can rent out desks, multimedia equipment, offices, conference rooms or chat over a complimentary coffee in the sitting room. It’s hard not to feel inspired to get stuck into work with all the action in this place. If you are ready for the hustle and bustle, this is your place.


WeWork are a franchise that originates from the United States. They recently opened two offices on Bourke Street and Collins Street. When I first came across this place, I fell in love with their mission: To create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. Their values truly align with those of my own to be inspired, authentic, value entrepreneurial spirit, tenacious, grateful and community. WeWork aim to create a community not a work space hence why they have been so successful with offices in 56 cities around the world.

Nest Coworking

The Nest, as the name suggests, is a small and comfortable space fit for anyone in need of a hot desk. They pride themselves on the bespoke functional design of the place in Thornbury, with walls made from materials that absorb soundwaves and a floor that's been fitted with recording studio carpet. The idea behind this effort is to create the perfect atmosphere where people can interact without bothering those around them. Their furniture and light fittings are handmade and they have a small amphitheater used for performances, presentations or meetings. The Nest is the best.

One Roof

I have to say, the most rewarding experience I had was at One Roof - a space for entrepreneurial boss ladies to gather and get shit done! This space is designed to give female entrepreneurs support to grow their businesses and a community to thrive in. I thoroughly enjoyed my week working alongside the hardworking and inspirational women that filled the space. Sherie Rubenstein, the CEO Founder, has done an exceptional job with this space adding value to the experience with regular business development and personal growth workshops and events. We also celebrated a birthday with cake and afternoon tea and every Friday One Roof puts on a wine down to get everyone socialising, a lovely personal touch which brought everyone together. I highly recommend this space.

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