Iceland, Represent

Earlier this month, Edda headed over to Bogota in Columbia to attend the One Young World Summit.

Edda was selected as one of 17 UN Young Leaders in September, 2016. Out of 18,000 applicants, Edda was one of the lucky ones. She represents both Iceland and Australia (born in Reykjavik and raised on the Gold Coast).

That’s where our name Lána comes from, it’s an Icelandic word meaning ‘lend’.

One Young World is a summit that brings together young people from all over the world to discuss change-making and the future of our planet.

Some highlights from Edda…

Bob Geldof addressed poverty and said that “Poverty is an economic issue. The root cause of poverty is political dysfunction.”

Muhammad Yunus spoke on leaving no one behind and highlighted that “We live in a system that is designed to leave people behind”.

**Facebook’s Carolyn Everson **showed us how Facebook is working to bring everyone in the world closer together “There are still over 4 billion people in the world today who do not have access to internet”.

Emmanuel Luli, Chief Ethics Officer at L’oreal talked about the importance of ethics when technology is leaping ahead of legal frameworks — it creates a vacuum where we must by guided by ethics. “Ethics is integrity, respect, courage and transparency. It’s your blueprint for an ethical path forward.”

Alexandre Mars, one of New York City’s top 20 philanthropists under 40, said that “purpose is the new currency”.

The #valuable panel was incredible. Caroline Casey (Founder of Binc), challenged CEOs in the audience to stand up and commit to ensuring their board included a person with a disability by next One Young World. It was a powerful moment where CEOs ran up to the stage to stand for inclusivity in business. Amazing!

To top off the experience, Edda was in great company throughout the entire summit with her fellow UN Young Leaders ❤

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