How to Make Handmade Soaps

Thank you Netflix for getting me addicted to Orange is The New Black… as if my school work have not been suffering as it is. Worst of all is the fact that I wanted to dabble in soap making after watching the scene where Polly was making different types of soaps in the kitchen! I kid you not that the scene played in my mind so much that I actually searched the internet for instructions and filled my shopping bags with the needed ingredients.

The Soap Base

I didn’t bother to make my own from scratch – I figured it was safer and easier to get melt-and-pour logs. What I like most is that you can dictate what kind of a base you want be it shea butter, aloe vera, cocoa butter, goat’s milk… the possibilities are endless. Depending on the size of your mould, a 1lb log would yield around 7 to 8 regular-sized bath soap bars.


  1. Rinse and dry the soap moulds (any heat resistant container can be a mould). Place a baking sheet or spray cooking oil inside the mould.
  2. Prep the soap base for melting, according to the instruction on the package.
  3. To melt the soap, prepare a double boiler – put a large pot of water to a boil and place a bowl on the mouth of the pot (make sure the bowl completely covers the mouth).
  4. Once the water is boiling, turn down the heat to a simmer and put in the solid soap base.
  5. Stir at it occasionally while it melts.

Coffee Soap

Now I can find a use for my used coffee grounds. The soap is at exfoliating the skin and the caffeine in the grounds help reduce the appearance of cellulite. How awesome is that?


  1. Used coffee grounds, 3 teaspoons
  2. Vanilla essence, 1 teaspoon


  1. Once the soap base has melted, stir in the used coffee grounds and vanilla.
  2. Ladle the mixture into the mould.
  3. Let it cool for several hours.

Grapefruit-Lavender Soap

Since I have a soap to wake me up in the morning, I figured I should have one that will help me wind down. That was how I stumble upon this recipe and it is a great way to end a long working day.


  1. Grapefruit zest, from 2 fruits
  2. Lavender, 4 sprigs
  3. Lavender essential oil, 15-20 drops


  1. Once the soap base has melted, let it rest a while before stirring in the additives.
  2. Add all the additives and stir it constantly so that the ingredients are well distributed and not sink to the bottom.
  3. Pour them evenly into the mould – stir in the mixture so that the lavender and grapefruit zest are evenly distributed.

It takes a while for the soaps to cool down and hardens. Once it solidifies, you can take them out of the mould. Wrap them in parchment paper so that the freshness is sealed and remember to keep them in a cool, dry place.

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