Womanhood, Functional Design and our Inclusive Approach


We’re on a mission.

The team at Lána are looking at womenswear from a new angle.

Throughout 2018 we’ve been exploring the relationship between fashion and pregnancy. We’ve interviewed 100s of mothers and carefully observed movements that help us understand what the future holds.

We know that 80% of women will experience at least one pregnancy in their lives. And 98% of women we spoke to found it difficult to find nice clothes during their pregnancy. Women spend years curating a wardrobe that they know and love, and then all of a sudden, it doesn’t fit.

It’s time the fashion industry stepped it up.

There were three key features that stand out for women who are dressing for two (or more); comfort, style and affordability. Most of the time, women compromise on ‘style’ because finding the trifecta is challenging with today’s options. Out of a need (rather than a want), women resort to fast fashion outlets like Kmart, Boohoo and Asos when they are pregnant; it’s accessible, it fits and it’s cheap. It's hard to justify investing in quality maternity-wear when pregnancy lasts just 9-months. But what happens once they’ve given birth? A lot of these poorly made clothes end up in landfill. There’s also the questionable ethics behind clothes that cost $20...

Women deserve an alternative to fast fashion maternity.

What if womenswear was designed in a way that met the needs of pregnancy? Pieces that you'll want to wear time and time again, regardless of whether your belly is growing a human or not.

The fashion industry is only just waking up to designing for pregnancy - possibly because the majority of fashion houses are still lead by men. The women’s movement is being interpreted in incredible ways in our industry. We’re acknowledging that women need to be at the centre of the womenswear design process. The runway model has been redefined: We’re embracing ethnic diversity, different body shapes and sizes, models ranging from 18 to 80 years and of ranging abilities. A couple of months ago, Mara Martin walked down the runway breastfeeding her baby. More recently, we saw Lily Aldridge walk for Brandon Maxwell at NYFW while 5 months pregnant. We still have a long way to truly embrace diversity on the runway, but this positive progress is creating a space where maternity-wear doesn’t have to be a side-category of womenswear. In fact, it needs to be at the centre.

Lána is a womenswear label. We’re doing things differently; each piece is functional to support women throughout their lives - pregnant or not. That’s why our tagline is: ‘A label for life’. We are designing womenswear that can be worn from board meeting to baby shower. It’s bump-friendly and breastfeeding-friendly. It’s available for both purchase and rent, an added flexibility to support our ever-changing lives.

We’re not redefining maternity-wear, we’re redefining womenswear.

Lána is starting with a 2-piece collection in three colours. Sweet and simple. The Savannah dress comes in long and short, and available in black, cobalt or apricot. It is a multi-wear design that can be adjusted to suit different body types. It is designed and made in Australia using end-of-roll crepe-de-chine silks. It’s versatile luxury, made ethically.

Pregnant women are no longer hidden away from society as they were in the 1800s, but it was only 40 years ago when women were making their own maternity clothing at home. We’ve come a long way to see maternity have its own category in fashion. Now, it’s time that womenswear designers embrace a functional approach to design - similar to how menswear has been form and function for as long as we can remember. Let’s embrace that many women will experience pregnancy and let’s not be afraid to work in some bump-friendly pieces on the runway.

I hope you enjoy wearing Lána as much as we enjoyed creating it.