The Sustainable Solution to Overspending on Maternity Wear

Your waist is widening. Your boobs are ballooning. Your clothes are clinging tighter as the beautiful bump grows outwards from your lower stomach. You’re glowing, but you mightn’t exactly feel like it...

Your feet hurt, your nausea won’t go away, and you have a million things to think about. The last thing you want to be doing is dragging yourself around shops in search of new clothes. But you have to, over and over again. Not knowing what size you’ll be every few weeks makes it difficult to plan your outfits ahead of time.

It’s not just the effort of having to trawl through racks for comfortable, stylish maternity clothing that’s tiresome, but the outlay of money you’re spending each month as well. It’s only reasonable that you might start to search for cheaper items, as you know it won’t be long before you’ll need to switch them out again.

But the cost of cheaply made clothing extends much further than the store price tag.

What happens to the mound of clothing at the end of your pregnancy? Do you donate them all to charity? Give them away to friends? Toss them to the back of your cupboard, to later throw away?

With an astounding 6000 kg of clothing going to landfill every ten minutes in Australia, it’s clear that there needs to be a more sustainable solution.

Enter the circular economy.

One woman’s trash* is another woman’s treasure.

*Minus the trash.

Since maternity clothes are only worn a handful of times, there’s usually absolutely nothing wrong with them when they’re tossed aside. Sharing, renting or borrowing second-hand items from friends or online is a far more economical option for you, plus limits the amount of wasted materials sent to landfill.

Of course, there are going to be times when the vulnerability of your body growth wears you down a little - times when you, quite literally, feel the weight of your pregnancy. At these times, you might feel like second-hand clothing just doesn’t cut it for you, and you need something new that makes you feel good about yourself. This is completely normal, even for the most eco-conscious women!  

Treat yourself to a beautiful, versatile item of clothing that fits nicely and is comfortable in all the right places.

The most sustainable items of clothing are those that can be worn in multiple ways, by varying sizes. Long, flowing gowns or shirts that tie together in a number of styles are ideal for pregnancy, as there’s no limit to how long you can wear them for.

If you spend a little more than you’d have liked on this feel-good piece, you can always rent it out to earn your money back!

Through the Lana Loop platform, you can rent stylish pieces from women just like you, who are further along in their pregnancy.