Artist Feature: Amy Crow

My name is Amy Crow.

I live in Brisbane, Australia.

My current job is… Hard to describe. I’m a hairdresser, make up artist, graphic designer, illustrator, screen printer, photographer and business owner. Essentially I work for myself.

In my spare time I do more work. I always have one two or three projects that I love spending time on. Currently it’s screen printing my range of shirts for FUTURE=FEMALE. Want to attend my launch? Head to Facebook for details.

I’m inspired by other artists, conferences, designers, functionality, efficiency, music etc.

My favourite labels include I AM IMPERIAL, Santa Cruz, MY SISTER.

The Netflix tv show I am binge watching at the moment is Travellers, Black Mirror and Rick + Morty.

My favourite restaurant/cafe is too hard to choose! We’re spoilt in Brisbane.

My hidden talent is (I really hate the word talent) but my secret super power is picking the right wine for the occasion and buying the best gifts.

If I were a shoe I’d be some Adidas sneaker or some flat soled boot- comfort is everything.