Edda and Juju


Hello! We are Juju and Edda, the founders of Lána.

We have been working together since 2013 to shed light on sustainable and ethical fashion in Australia. 

In 2011 Edda created Undress Runways; Australia’s leading sustainable fashion event, while Juju did her bachelors of fashion and graphic design, and interned with Australian fashion designers.

Together, we have a deep understanding of the fashion industry. We are passionate about creating change with a focus is on responsible production and consumption.

In 2013 we launched The Naked Mag, a magazine to shake up the fashion industry. The Naked Mag highlights the ethical and environmental issues surrounding fast fashion. It gives an insight into behind-the-scenes of the fashion industry. We use the magazine to educate, inspire and offers alternatives and tips to having a lighter footprint on our planet.

Lána started out as a peer-to-peer fashion rental platform in 2016. We were a tech startup for 18 months before pivoting into a fashion label (with items available for rent). Now, Lána focuses on quality over quantity and versatile designs that you can style, depending on the occasion. We have developed a design philosophy that puts womanhood at the centre.  

We have a slow fashion approach to product releases. We work on one design at a time and release it when it’s ready. No collections. No season. Just timeless pieces, when you need them. Over-consumption of fashion is doing severe damage to our people and planet. We must slow down if we are to reverse the damage already done.

We offer each of our designs for rent, in case you need a dress for one night only. It’s good for the wallet, and great for the planet.

Juju & Edda xo